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Newbie Rider Fashion, what to pack?

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

(Just some info, no you don't have to buy anything)

No doubt this has been a sizzling summer and living in the tropics means we aren't going to be cooling down too much anyway. Good thing is if you your a lover of the sunshine, shorts and flip flops it means the Caribbean is always a great getaway during the winter months which will be rolling by before you know it.

Choosing the right island to go to can be daunting with all the information out there but hey a bit of adventure is always good and that tour you booked online may even exceed your expectations. If you've chosen St. Lucia as your choice for a getaway (you should ;) there is a lot of things to do besides just laying on the beach packing on the sunscreen.

If you are the adventurous type then you've probably thought about horseback riding and aren't sure what to pack. Or you may be a regular cowboy/girl eager to ride off into the sunset at any chance you get (read no further you know it all). Since you've booked that flight or cruise already and you're planning to hop on a horse don't forget to add the following basics in your suitcase.

1. Long pants, yea I know I mentioned "lover of shorts" earlier but comfort is still key and you'll also save on some sunscreen. Sitting in any saddle while the horse is moving with shorts on you're almost guaranteed to get chaffing somewhere on your legs (not so sexy). Saddle design hasn't changed drastically since inception so we just gotta roll with it. If you are calling on your Native American Indian roots and plan to ride without a saddle then be prepared to have Chewbacca legs at the end of the ride (hey some people find hairy legs sexy... )

2. Closed toe shoes.....oh dear, I seem to be constantly contradicting myself...don't worry lots of time for shorts and flip flops once you get off the horse. Flip flops are great everywhere else in the Caribbean (St. Lucia ;) just not while riding a horse. They can get lost or worse hooked in the stirrup (lets not even go there) so best thing is a boot with low heel. Something that's easy enough to kick off once you get to the beach. If you are not about to invest in a pair of boots for a one time experience (totally understand, it's not environmentally friendly anyway) then sneakers are a better bet that flip flops for sure.

3. Sunscreen....yea this should be obvious but hey there are some space cadets out there (don't put your hand up). But on another note you'll be happy to bring your own because you may end up paying $5/$10 more in the Caribbean because you have no other choice other than burn to a crisp. A horse ride can be anywhere from 2 to 3 hours or more and we are pretty close to the equator so that is harsh on the skin.

4. Just wear whatever you the end of it all you aren't about to compete in the Olympics so be comfortable, make your own fashion statement, smile for the camera and don't forget horses like treats ;) (but seriously avoid the flip flops).

Looking for a horseback riding tour? check out for some scenic beach rides along the North Eastern coast and if you'd like to check out Morne Coubaril Estate or the Volcano on horseback.

A lady horseback riding on the beach with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia
Exodus at Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

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