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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why is there a weight limit for horse riding?"

Everything has a limit and horses are no exception. They are very powerful animals but also quite sensitive and can be easily injured. The trails to the beach are uneven and rocky in some areas and we like to ensure that they can safely and comfortably get you there. Our current weight limit is 220lbs.

"Are Hotel/Villa Transfers included?"

Transfers are an optional add on when you book directly through our website. Why don't we add it on? Some guests rent a car or have family on island and don't require a taxi service. Also taxi rates vary greatly depending on where you are staying, from the lowest rate being $40usd to more than $200usd.

"What happens if it rains?"

Horseback riding is an outdoor activity so there is always the chance that it could rain. We head out in the rain unless the weather is forecasted to be dangerous. If you want to avoid getting rained on, check the weather forecast before you book. We will contact you if the tour needs to be rescheduled or cancelled due to dangerous weather.   

"Can I swim with my horse?"

The trails head out to beaches on North Eastern coast of Saint Lucia, the beautiful and undeveloped Atlantic side of the island. Sometimes it's calm, sometimes it's rough, sometimes there is no seaweed and sometimes there is a lot and this can make swimming not a possibility. Mother Nature changes her perspective daily and it's always interesting to see what view she gives us. 

"Do I need riding experience?"

Riding experience is not necessary for our Private Beach Ride or our Private Picnic Ride. We'll explain how to mount up and the basic aids to ride your horse. This way you'll know how to ask your horse to walk on, turn left and right and most importantly slow down and stop. 

"What should I wear?"

We want you to be comfortable but also safe. Wear clothes that fit well and allow you to move. The trail is pretty exposed so cover up unless you really want to work on that tan. Closed toe shoes are the safest option. Let us know if you'd like to wear something that is flowy for pictures so that we can pair you with the right horse.

"What do I bring?"

Most importantly a camera or a phone for pictures! Bring along your sunscreen for a top up and a towel/change of clothes if needed after the ride. We have lockers to store your belongings while on the trail so you can dry off and change after the ride. We also provide a bottle of water on all tours.

Have a different question that's not listed? Ask us here.

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