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3 hour Private Advanced  Horseback Beach Ride

Hosre looking over at the view on a horseback ride in St. lucia with Sandy Hoofs.

Welcome to a journey designed for the seasoned rider, a 3-hour horseback experience in St. Lucia that's not just about the destination, but the thrilling ride itself. For those seeking a challenge amidst the island's beauty, this is your equestrian experience.

Embark on a horse riding adventure along the North Eastern of St. Lucia, where the experienced horse rider can appreciate the captivating beauty along the coastline. Our 3-hour horseback ride is designed for experienced horse riders seeking not only the allure of the landscape but also the enjoyment of a longer journey. This experience is exclusively for horse riders who are able to sit balanced across all gaits and through unexpected maneuvers, whether in English or Western tack. As each booking is private you are able to move at your own pace, safely, and are not required to ride at a faster gait unless you want to.

Nestled in the local community of Beausejour, St. Lucia, our stables offer the perfect starting point for your adventure. Conveniently located near the east coast, the path from our stables to the beach unveils an untouched rolling hillsides and expansive grazing lands, occasionally dotted with the serene presence of cows and local fishermen perched along the coastline. This is your chance to fully immerse yourself in the open countryside, all while leaving behind a minimal ecological footprint.


Along the tour, you'll have the privilege of visiting not one, not two, but four secluded beaches along the eastern coast. These shores remain untouched by hotels or villas, granting you the freedom to safely canter or gallop along the shoreline, forging a unique connection with nature and your trusty steed. The rhythm of your horse's hooves and the gentle sway of their stride while surrounded by the wild beauty of the North Eastern coast is sure to allow your mind to wander and feel at peace.

The North Eastern coast of St. Lucia is where the Atlantic meets the shores. It is a dramatic coastline filled with energy. Within the bays that you will visit there is the opportunity to go into the ocean with your horse once the sea conditions allow. A perfect moment to cool off and experience feeling both the power of your horse and the water beneath you.

This 3-hour horse riding adventure in St. Lucia is a thrilling fusion of natural beauty and the spirit of exploration. It invites advanced riders to embrace a more challenging ride, savor breathtaking views, and create memories in an eco-friendly, timeless fashion. Come and experience St. Lucia in a way few others have had the privilege to do.

Beach Ride Highlights:

  • Photo opportunities with views along the east coast and at the beach.

  • Horseback riding through undeveloped countryside land.

Important Information:


  • Weight restriction of 220lbs applies.

  • Advanced riders only.

What to bring:

  • Camera

  • Towel/change of clothes (in case it rains or if you plan to swim).

  • Closed toe shoes (slippers can get stuck in the stirrups/get lost).

Additional Information:

  • Not recommended for pregnant women.

  • Not recommended for people with back/hip problems or who have had a recent back/hip surgery.

  • Not recommended for people with respiratory or heart problems.

  • Not recommended for people with a recent arm/hand surgery.

  • Not currently handicapped accessible.

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