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Woman riding a horse into the ocean with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

Private Horseback Beach Rides
in St. Lucia

Creating sandy memories since 2015

Woman riding a horse near the beach with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

What we do... Private tours in St. Lucia

Let us take you out to experience a coastline of St. Lucia in the most timeless eco-friendly way on horseback. Located on the North Eastern side of St. Lucia, a perfect spot to explore over open country hillsides with breathtaking views of St. Lucia's Atlantic coastline. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider these horseback beach trails are fully enjoyable.


As one of the top ten things to do in St. Lucia we invite you to choose one of our three private horseback rides where you can experience incredible coastline views and ride along more than one beach. If the sea conditions allow, you have the opportunity to ride your horse into the ocean, a great cool down for you both. You can choose our picnic ride if you would like a special touch for celebrating any occasion. For our advanced riders there is a tour just for you with a stretch of beach to canter/gallop along.

As a small stable we've always enjoyed offering a personal experience and only have a maximum of 6 guests out on the trail at any time. Our private tours offer an experience where you'll never be part of a large nose to tail group horseback ride and can fully enjoy the experience. If you would like to book a larger group let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Beach Horse Riding Experience

Choose one of our Private Horseback Beach Rides

Woman sitting on a horse in the ocean at Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

Private Horseback Beach Ride

2 hours - $99

Beginner or Experienced? This horseback ride is enjoyed by all. Let's take you to roam the coastal hillsides and ride along two beaches. If the sea conditions allow, you get an opportunity to ride your horse into the ocean too!

220lb weight limit applies

Women smiling while horseback riding on the coastline with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

Private Horseback Picnic Ride

2.5 hours - $129

Looking to celebrate a special occasion? Or to even pop the question? This horseback picnic ride packs all the adventure and stunning views plus brings along a light picnic for you to enjoy while you relax and take in the view. 

220lb weight limit applies

Beautiful view of the coastline while riding with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

Private Advanced Beach Ride

3 hours - $119

Specially for those accustomed to having their butt in the saddle. Ride out to four different beaches and enjoy an exhilarating canter/gallop along the beach. Or just take easy and enjoy the spectacular views along the way.

220lb weight limit applies

A couple smiling while riding horses near the beach with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia
Frequently asked Questions:
"Why is there a weight limit?"
Everything has a limit and horses are no exception. They are very powerful animals but also quite sensitive and can be easily injured. The trails to the beach are uneven and rocky in some areas and we like to ensure that they can safely and comfortably get you there. Our current weight limit is 220lbs.
Horse grazing along the beach with Sandy Hoofs St. Lucia

Our horses talk to us all the time
but it's great hearing from you!

Horse looking down at the camera Jason Polychronopulos

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